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Save Money With Our HVACR Maintenance Programs

Are you tired of paying for costly breakdowns? Our teams at Nortek would be pleased to provide you with our cost-effective maintenance programs. 

Every building is unique. Our goal is to simplify and improve the operation of your building, through regular maintenance intervals. We encourage regular HVACR maintenance to ensure:

  • Reduced downtime: Regular equipment maintenance reduces the likelihood of equipment failure and helps ensure equipment is only offline during scheduled maintenance.

  • Priority Service: Contract members are given priority emergency response.


  • Lower Responsibility: The responsibility to maintain your equipment is transferred to Nortek.

preventive hvac maintenance and service contracts

Our maintenance and support programs cover all areas of facilities in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional HVACR sectors via Emergency Support and Preventive Maintenance.

We can respond to the variable needs and budgets of our customers by providing a level of service tailored to suit their needs ranging from comprehensive maintenance agreements to emergency on-call services as required.

We offer maintenance programs for the following equipment:

  • Air Handling Units

  • Boiler Systems

  • Chiller Systems

  • Critical systems

  • Ductless Air Conditioners

  • Exhaust Systems

  • Fan Systems

  • Refrigeration units

  • Server Room Equipment

  • Variable Speed Drives

  • VAV units

  • and more...

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